Salotto 2023

MIX is pleased to announce some big news, or rather two pieces of news, because this year Salotto doubles! The 2023 edition of Salotto will take place over 14th and 15th November at Allianz MiCo in Milan.

After the success of Salotto 2022 – over 550 attendees representing more than 270 companies in the Telco sector and a full agenda – it became clear that it is now necessary to dedicate more space and time to the event.

So, we are preparing to amaze with a twoday event, starting with the location. Allianz MiCo, in the heart of the futuristic CityLife district is, by definition, one of the key meeting points for companies in Italy.

A large plenary hall with capacity for 600 people, an exhibit area dedicated to sponsor booths, and a networking lounge will be set up in the 3,000 square metres of Hall 4 to encourage meeting opportunities among the participants.

The agenda for both days will include, as usual, discussion between institutions and industry on issues related to the country’s digital development, and sessions on technical content, organised for the third consecutive year by volunteer groups.

New in 2023 will be an education section, dedicated to IT-oriented secondary school students, to encourage collaboration between the world of school and work. There will also be a section dedicated to connecting Telco companies.


Relive the event

Salotto 2023 - Day #1

Day #1


Salotto 2023 - Day #2

Day #2