Look over the bow

On November 29, the sixteenth edition of the Salotto, the annual event of MIX – Milan Internet eXchange, entitled “Look over the bow” took place in Milan, in the prestigious setting of the Teuliè Military School. During what was the most attended edition ever, over 550 Telco operators representing more than 270 companies in the sector discussed some of the central issues for the sector, such as the current energy crisis, infrastructures and cloud.

The event opened with greetings from Alessandro Talotta, MIX Executive President & Chairman, who then passed the floor to Colonel Gianluigi D’Ambrosio, commander of the Teuliè Military School who welcomed the participants.

Thus Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, in his video greeting message: “The Salotto is one of the most important moments at national level on Telecommunications issues. This year Salotto is eagerly awaited. Your program, focused on data center energy crisis, cloud and the opportunities of the Next Generation EU, carefully captures the priorities of TLC operators and institutions. Your world is alongside ours to overcome the challenges of the energy transition as well as the digital one” […] “Milan looks with curiosity and attention at the synergies that Salotto will be able to multiply”.

The agenda continued with a round table on “Energy and TLC”, opened by the keynote speech by Gianfilippo Mancini, CEO of Sorgenia, which was attended by Massimiliano Capitanio, AGCOM Commissioner; Nicola Procaccini, Environment and Energy Manager, Fratelli d’Italia; Sherif Rizkalla, CEO STACK EMEA Italy; Federico Protto, CEO Retelit and MIX advisor, Stefano Mazzitelli, Business Market Manager Open Fiber; Giovanni Zorzoni, AIIP President. From the discussion, moderated by Enrico Pagliarini, a Radio24 journalist, it emerged that it is necessary to increase energy production, in particular that from renewable sources, focusing on energy infrastructures which must be considered on a par with those of telecommunications. Attention to the evolution of the energy market, the technological investment of companies in energy efficiency programs and the optimization of resources which allows companies to react better to the increase in energy costs are key factors in ensuring healthy and profitable competition between operators and to protect the final consumer.
The second panel “Cybersecurity/Cloud/Infrastructures” was introduced by Gerard Pogorel, Professor of Economics and Management-Emeritus, ENST – Telecom ParisTech, and saw the discussion between Vincenzo Scarlato, Director of Marketing Irideos and MIX advisor; Marco Arioli, CTO Eolo; Marco Leone, CEO Fiber Telecom on the issues of private networks, the coverage of black areas that will change the face of the country and the need for the presence of institutions alongside companies in the sector to face this challenge.

In the afternoon meetings, the strategic role of data centers and IXPs, the National Cloud and the opportunities offered by European funds for companies in the TLC sector were discussed.
During the day, the over 550 attendees at the event had the opportunity to visit the stands of the sponsors and to participate in a rich session of over 480 one-to-one meetings. MIX Salotto, which is therefore confirmed as the reference B2B event for TLC operators, gives appointment to 2023.

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Massimiliano Capitanio

Commissioner AGCOM

Gerard Pogorel

Professor of Economy and Management-Emeritus, ENST – Telecom ParisTech

More than 30 speakers

Giuseppe Sala

Mayor of Milan

Gianfilippo Mancini

CEO Sorgenia

Nicola Procaccini

Environment and Energy manager, Fratelli d’Italia

Gilberto Di Pietro

Chairman Fiber Telecom